Anti-Slip Treatment

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Cleaning Sanding Painting Final result THE IMPORTANCE OF CARRYING OUT THE ANTI-SLIP TREATMENT LOW COST The application time is reduced because it is not The steps/pallets  must be removed. Treatment is certified and complies with the requirements of DM326/89. Escalators … Continua

Trattamento Antiscivolo

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Pulitura Levigatura Verniciatura Risultato finale L’importanza di eseguire il trattamento antiscivolo COSTO CONTENUTO I tempi di applicazione sono ridotti in quanto non ènecessario smontare i gradini/pallet.Trattamento è certificatoe rispetta i requisiti del DM326/89. Le scale e i Tappeti mobili sono … Continua


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Cleaning and Sanitizing of Carpets and Escalators with “ISanificato-STM” Program “ISanificato-STM” offers more hygiene and more respectfor the people. We program cleaning, washing and sanitizing of carpets and escalators with specific and certified equipment that, in addition to washing, release … Continua


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Cleaning and Sanitization Fosse with “iSanificato-FA” program. “ISanificato-FA” offers more hygiene and more respect for the people. We plan the cleaning and sanification of the elevator pits to comply with the laws, in fact the D.P.R. 1497/63 and the former … Continua