Anti-Slip Treatment

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Final result



The application time is reduced because it is not The steps/pallets  must be removed.

Treatment is certified and complies with the requirements of DM326/89.

Escalators and moving walks

Are systems of safe and comfortable handling but their
surfaces sometimes, under certain conditions atmospheric conditions such as bad weather can make the increase the chances that passengers on metal surfaces.

The slip resistance is a characteristic that falls on the safety and on the health of users.

In general, the slip resistance of a floor involves:

The materials constituting the floor, the operations maintenance and storage, design and implementation etc.

When two bodies crawl against each other, you can generates friction, to calculate the friction force

a defined coefficient is used coefficient of friction the coefficient of friction ( COF ), to the proportional force parallel to the contact surface to be applied

so that there is relative motion between two bodies, and so also the force that defines its conditions of equilibrium.

The higher the coefficient of friction, the higher the coefficient of friction.

the less slippery it is.

Simplifying the static component of friction is responsible for the slip that occurs by leaning the heel of the shoe, while the

dynamic component is bound (always simplifying) to slipping.

I.R.E.M.A. Lift

Presents a perfect solution to decrease the risk of slipping of the user, for staircases and carpets: the ”Non-slip Treatment”.

All the walkable surfaces of the plant will be first treated and then coated with a film of the thickness of about 1mm which allows a

greater degree of friction on the ground, therefore a greater resistance to slipping, reducing so the possibility of insurance compensation due to the injuries.


In order to increase safety and compliance EN115-2.

With the anti-slip treatment, users can pass over safely treated surfaces without slipping. The anti-slip treatment does not compromises normal operation of the plant.

It is compatible with all brands of implants.

The composition of the product consists of non-toxic materials.

The duration of this treatment, depending on the level of use of the plant, can vary from the three when I was six.