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Cleaning and Sanitizing of Carpets and Escalators with
"ISanificato-STM" Program

“ISanificato-STM” offers more hygiene and more respect
for the people.

We program cleaning, washing and sanitizing of carpets and escalators with specific and certified equipment that, in addition to washing, release at the end of the treatment a film of pure mono-molecular silicon with very resistant electrostatic adhesion on any type of surface and material , without interfering with the protected material.
Through this service we operate on two fronts:


By deterring and perfuming the places of access to the facilities of your clients, the sense of welcome is stimulated and consequently puts the visitor at ease


Eliminating the dirt, the service offers:

Workforce specialized in carrying out cleaning and sanitation operations.
The use of a machine and specific products.
Detailed report that simplifies your internal registration.
Benefits for your customers:

A more comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone that stimulates the sense of “return”

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