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Cleaning and Sanitization Fosse with "iSanificato-FA" program.

"ISanificato-FA" offers more hygiene and more respect for the people.

We plan the cleaning and sanification of the elevator pits to comply with the laws, in fact the D.P.R. 1497/63 and the former 626, speak of the healthiness of the workplace, making the simple and simple periodic cleaning obviously ineffective.
Through this service we operate on two fronts:

Reducing the fire risks caused by the easy flammability of the
material that over time settles on the bottom of the elevator pits.

Hygiene and comfort
Eliminating viruses and bacteria, cleansing and perfuming the place closer to the entrance of your customers’ buildings.

The service offers:

Workforce specialized in carrying out cleaning and sanitation operations.
The use of a highly concentrated disinfectant, germicidal, virucidal and detergent with a broad spectrum of action able to eliminate gram +, gram-, bacteria, including Listeria Monocytogenes, yeasts, molds, mycobacteria, TB, fungi, viruses, including etiologic agent HIV, HBV (Hepatitis B) and HCV (Hepatitis C). (Presidium
Surgical Doctor Reg. Min. Sanità n. 7837).
Detailed report that simplifies your internal registration.

Benefits for your customers:

Less risk of fire.
Environment more comfortable and suitable for the elderly and children Regulatory compliance.

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