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Oil purification with "iRigenerato" program

“IRigenerato” offers more savings and more respect for the environment.

The oil used in the hydraulic elevator elevators, with time, becomes increasingly impure (deposits of particles and water) and less effective (due to the numerous changes in pressure and temperature) compromising the good operation and the duration of the hydraulic power unit.
What to do?
We say: why replace oil in hydraulic systems prematurely when it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly?
“ÌRigenerato” is a two-year periodic preventive maintenance service designed to quickly and eco-regenerate hydraulic lift oil without replacing it.


The service offers:

Work to perform the oil regeneration operations with equipment that, by using two high capacity filter elements, allows the elimination of all the solid and liquid residues accumulated in the oil, offering an effective control of the contamination.
Addition of a suitable additive to maintain a high level of protection against oxidation, wear and thermal instability, even under the most severe loading conditions.
No inconvenience: During the filtration operation, the system can continue to operate regularly.


Benefits for your customers: Trend of management costs decreasing compared to the length of the plant.

Savings of over 50% on oil purchases for premature changes.

– Saving on plant downtimes.
– Less environmental impact.

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