Replacing the handrail

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When replacing the handrail, I.r.e.m.a. lift can replace

The guides he roller heads he input ambulation The traction belt ensioning rollers he steps Centering and sliding rollers ension chain and idlers balustrade glass control roller traction sheave Filtering Lights
And run: Handrail passage guides cleaning Re-gumming handrail pulley Handrail polishing

I.r.e.m.a. lift also performs

Replacement of: Pallet traction axis or steps Pallet drag chain or steps Pallets or steps complete with bearings and idle wheels Upper and / or lower combs Chain winch pulling
Central winch or head (also repair) Assembly of carpets and stairs Replacement from any brand Retrofit or field-letter Handrail repair

Other jobs

Framework modernization of lines and accessories Installation of frequency variator KIT Radar /photocell installation for Stop & go

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